Our Gleam treatments offer solutions to tired, lifeless and damaged ‘locks’. We offer state of the art products and technology and our highly experienced staff are dedicated to improving and maintaining the condition of your hair.

Come in for a complimentary consultation and let us design a treatment program specific to your needs and lifestyle. 

Keratin:   The keratin treatment works on the hair progressively removing frizz and dullness, with the ability to relax the hair up to 80%, leaving 'locks' easy to manage, soft and shiny. A true semi permanent relaxing service, which lasts up to 3 months.
Specifically designed home care will be prescribed to maximise the success of the service.

Nanomax: the new technology for beautiful, healthy hair
Nanomax is a series of professionally prescribed intensive repair treatments for damaged hair, stressed by both chemical and environmental factors. An initial course of three treatments is recommended to restore and permanently repair damaged hair.
Using the latest technology, Nanomax infuses tiny, nourishing nanomolecules deep into the hair structure to heal, repair, strengthen, protect and shine.

De Lorenzo Essential Treatments
Upgrade your service with De Lorenzo’s ethical treatment range. Address and maintain the four natural balances of hair: Protein, Moisture, Natural Oils and pH Balance.

Let us tailor a treatment program specifically for you to leave your hair feeling strong, shiny, rehydrated and revitalised!